Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creating ID for Online HW


Student Quest (UT) Website Instructions

1. Log onto https://quest.cns.utexas.edu.
2. Click on Getting Started.
3. Click on I need a UT ID
4. Click on Get a UT ID.
5. Click on Continue.
6. Choose all No’s and Continue.
7. Fill in your personal info and click on Continue.
8. I’m not sure how you get your user id and password, but I presume that they email it to you.
9. Once you have a user id and password, repeat the first two steps above, but then type in your user id and password and log in.

After logging in with User ID and password, go to:

Click "Get Started" or "My Courses"

10. Then click on Enroll in New Course.
11. Type in 5119 in course number and then click on lookup course info.
12. Click on Request Enrollment.
13. Click on assignment Mole Ratio Practice and try to answer each question.
14. Your grade for your next few assignments will be based on your grade on-line, but you can retry a problem when you get it wrong.

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